RSSI Training: Information Systems Security Officer


This RSSI training will allow you to have all the keys to master the dimensions of the function of responsible for the security of information systems, namely:

  • Basic technical knowledge
  • Organizational security
  •  State of ISO 27000 standardization
  • State of the security market
  • Risk assessment methods

pedagogy and support

This blended learning or face-to-face training will provide students with numerous theoretical and practical examples based on feedback from our IS security experts as well as topics of reflection. Our teaching tools are based on oral presentations, and concrete exchanges between trainers and participants with practical case studies.


General knowledge of IT infrastructures

Training content

      1. Introduction

  •   RSSI or RSI? What a difference?
  • Roles and responsibilities in the company

  • The function of RS(S)I

  • The core business: the tasks of CISM (

  • Introduction to the roles of RS(S)I

      2.  Organizational aspects of S(S)I

  • Referencial overview (ISO, NIST and others)
  • Security policy:
  • Governance of S(S)I:
  • Dashboards S(S)I:
  • Incident Management S(S)I:
      3. Technical aspects of S(S)I
  • OS Security
  • Application security
  • Network security
  • Workstation security
  • Technical security service
       4.  The S.M.S.I. (ISO 27001)

  • The basics
  • The standardization of the SMSI
  • Introduction to 27001 and 27002

          5.  Preparation for the audit

  • Recommendations
  • What does ISO say?

       6. Risk Management Information Security R.M.I.S.

  • The process
  • The 'standard' 27005

  • Activities of R.M.I.S.

  • The methods

French: EBIOS and MEHARI, Convergences and differences

 Others such as: OCTAVE, SP800-3


Legal aspects of S (S) I

  • Requirements and recommendations
  • What the ISO 27002 standard say

        8. Actors of the Security Field

  • Who can help me?
  • How to appeal to third parties?
  • What the ISO 27002 standard says

       9. Strategy of taking the function of RS(S)I

  • Roles of the RSSI
  • Relations with the trades, DSI (Information System Manager), DG (General Manager), the operational staff
  • Experience Feedback
  • Testimony of an RSSI (according to the opportunities)
  • Questions & answers with trainees
  • Conclusio

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