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With the ever increasing explosion of information flooding the internet, every company needs to plan how to manage and protect privacy of persons and their data. Not without a reason, many new laws - in the EU as well as in the USA and many other regions - are being formed in order to regulate both.

The European Commission has just published the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), meaning that all organizations concerned need to comply with specific rules. This Practitioner certification builds on the subjects covered by the Foundation exam by focusing on the development and implementation of policies and procedures in order to comply with existing and new legislation, application of privacy and data protection guidelines and best practices, and by establishing a Data and Privacy Protection Management System.

The certificate Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner (PDPP) is part of the qualification program  Privacy & Data Protection.

Training objectives

This training focuses on:

  • Data protection policies
  • Managing and organizing data protection
  • Roles of the Controller, Processor and Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Data breaches, notification and incident response

Target group

This Practitioner level certification will be particularly useful to Data Protection Officers (DPOs) / Privacy Officers, Legal / Compliance Officers, Security Officers, Business Continuity Managers, Data Controllers, Data Protection Auditors (internal and external), Privacy Analyst and HR managers.

Bloom level

The Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner certification tests candidates at Bloom Level 2, 3 and Level 4 according to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy:

  • Bloom Level 2: Understanding – a step beyond remembering (Level 1). Understanding shows that candidates can comprehend what is presented and can evaluate how the learning material may be applied in their own environment. This type of questions aims to demonstrate that the candidate is able to organize, compare, interpret and choose the correct description of facts and ideas.
  • Bloom Level 3: Applying – shows that candidates have the ability to make use of information in a context different from the one in which it was learned. This type of questions aims to demonstrate that the candidate is able to solve problems in new situations by applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules in a different, or new way. The question usually contains a short scenario
  • Bloom level 4: Analyzing – shows that candidates have the ability to break learned information into its parts to understand it. This Bloom level is mainly tested in the Practical Assignments. The Practical Assignments aim to demonstrate that the candidate is able to examine and break information into parts by identifying motives or causes, make inferences and find evidence to support generalizations.

Training duration

Contact hours (face to face learning)

The recommended number of contact hours for this training course is 21. This includes (group) assignments, exam preparation and short breaks. This number of hours does not include homework, practical assignments, the exam session and lunch breaks. The recommended numbers of hours for the Practical Assignments is a maximum of 8. The Practical Assignments can be completed outside of the training. They may also be included in the training if the training duration is extended.

If the training provider wishes to dedicate time to national privacy and data protection legislation, this will require extra training hours in addition to the 21 recommended training hours.

Indication study effort

120 hours, depending on existing knowledge.

Training requirements

As this is an advanced-level certification, it is highly recommended to previously have successfully passed  Privacy & Data Protection Foundation.


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Privacy and Data Protection Practitioner

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