Cyber & IT Security Foundation

  • Operational Manager
  • Application Developer
  • Security Officer
  • Auditor
  • Quality Manager
  • Bloom level

    The Cyber & IT Security Foundation certification tests candidates at Bloom Level 1 and Level 2 according to Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy:

    • Bloom Level 1: Remembering – relies on recall of information. Candidates will need to absorb, remember, recognize and recall. This is the building block of learning before candidates can move on to higher levels.
    • Bloom Level 2: Understanding – a step beyond remembering. Understanding shows that candidates comprehend what is presented and can evaluate how the learning material may be applied in their own environment. This type of questions aims to demonstrate that the candidate is able to organize, compare, interpret and choose the correct description of facts and ideas.

    Training duration

    Contact hours (face to face learning)

    The recommended number of contact hours for this training course is 16. This includes group assignments, exam preparation and short breaks. This number of hours does not include homework, the exam session and lunch breaks.

    Indication study effort

    60 hours, depending on existing knowledge.

    Training requirements



    Jamal SAAD

    Certification body 


    EXIN Cuber & IT Security

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